Hiya, I'm Rob — a twentyfour year old Swiss web developer.

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Developer by Passion

Creating, Refactoring, Extending. I love crafting new sites, applications or tools. I'm really more of a backend guy, although I'm feeling quite confident on the frontend, too. While my language of choice is PHP, I also have experience with C#/.NET, Java, C++ and a bit of Ruby (well, on Rails).

Modern frontend technologies like CSS preprocessors (preferably sass but also less to some extend) are also in my repertoire. I feel equally confident writing JavaScript as I do with PHP. I write jQuery almost as well as German. Although I don't have too much experience with Angular or Backbone, I do have a good grasp of their concept and have written working prototypes with them.

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Traveler by Love

When I was 17, I went to Brisbane, Australia for half a year. Since then I love to travel around and visit different countries and cultures. In Australia I lived in Brisbane for six months. I went to a language school and managed to get my hands on one of those Cambridge Certificates of Advanved English. This means I should be able to read any stackoverflow answer.

Most recently I went to Amsterdam to the WordCamp Europe - the first European WordPress Conference. My thoughts on that can be read on the MIND blog (in German).

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Geek by Nature

Software Developer might be my job. That doesn't mean I switch completely off as soon as I get home. I've built my own PCs, hacked all my phones (running Android on my iPhone 3G was fun!), set up uncountable servers, use Linux on my everyday laptop and so on.

  • MIND Kommunikation GmbH

    Head of Development & DevOp

  • Bachelor Studies of Computer Science

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with focus on Software Engineering (ongoing)

  • YMC AG

    Internship as a software developer

  • SBW Neue Medien AG

    Apprenticeship as a mediamatician (Mediamatiker EFZ mit BMS)

  • Certificate of Advanced English

    Six months in Brisbane, Australia to have fun and get a CAE.


  • Mediamatiker EFZ
  • Beste LAP 2011 Kanton TG
  • Beste IPA 2011 Kanton TG
  • 2. Beste IPA 2011 Schweiz
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English

Technical Skills

Well I could list languages and technologies and attach some stars to them, but it doesn't really matter, does it? Use the right tool for the right job. I'm willing to learn anything I'm not able to do already.

Off Work

  • Snowboard
  • Football
  • Traveling


Multi-mandant platform based on eZ Publish CMS (PHP5, MySQL & Solr-Search). Backend- as well as frontend development. - 2011



Social Network for children on behalf of SRG. The platform was drafted and developed. Thanks to SCRUM, the project was realized in a short period of time. Based on the same system as sf.tv but on a more modern infrastructure. - 2011



Symfony2 based Social Network running on AWS. Drafted and developed. Content is submitted by users and then automatically aggregated. - 2013



WordPress based SLI voting. Users can vote for SLI titles every month. The reports are then being analyzed and compared to experts. Completely rewritten WordPress user management and voting algorhythm.



New cloud-based WordPress web environment. Focus was on high-availability, high-performance and easy deployment.


News Bar

As a school project, we've written a web crawler in C#/.NET, which scrapes and analyzes news articles from Swiss news sites. The content is normalized and compared to articles from other sites, consolidated and than delivered to a client app.